Las Vegas Nfl Supercontest

The SuperContest Fast Facts

You have found the best Proxy Service for the Las Vegas NFL Supercontest

Entry fee $1,500 & contestants must be 21 years of age

Contestants pick 5 pro games against the contest spread each week

Prize money is based on number of entries and the top 30 get the cash

Proxy's are accepted and must enter in person with contestant

Weekly selections are due at 11:00 AM each Saturday

Past winners have collected $207K, $220K, $303K, $259K, $310K, $447K, $542K, $557K, and $736.5K (2015)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter?  You need to enter in person at the Westgate (LVH) Superbook

How do I put my weekly plays in?  You need to enter in person at the Westgate (LVH) Superbook

What if I don't live in Las Vegas? If you don't live in Las Vegas, then when you sign up for the Supercontest, you need to also register your PROXY, who can put in the plays for you

Does my proxy need to register at the same time I do?  Yes, both you and your proxy must be registering at the same time.

What if I decide I need a Proxy after the contest starts? If you find out or decide you need a Proxy during the contest, you can sign on your Proxy at anytime, but you both must be in person at the Westgate to make the change

Does a Proxy have any access to any winnings? No, a Proxy has no access to any winnings, they are only authorized to put in weekly picks

Why does my Proxy need to show up in person when I register?  You both need to show ID, and you need to sign the form saying you are giving permission for your Proxy to put in plays on your behalf

What if I miss a week or two in the contest? If you miss even 1 week without putting in plays, you are out of the main contest. But, you are still eligible for the end of the year (last 3 weeks) contest for the best record, as long as you participate in all 3 last weeks.

When is the contest final? The contest is final 3 business days after the final weeks standings are posted.

If I win any money, do I have to pick it up in person? No, there are several options to collect any winnings you might have gotten.

Can my Proxy pick up any winnings for me? No, Proxy's have no access to any winnings and are unable to pick up any winnings on your behalf. 

When are the picks due each week? If you are playing any game before Sundays games, ALL plays for that week must be in before the kickoff of that game. If you are playing the games on Sunday and Monday, all plays must be in by 11am Sunday morning. *If you are using a Proxy, they will more then likely require you give them your plays before any deadlines

Can I change my plays before any of the games start? NO, all games are set and final once they are inputted into the system and you receive your entry ticket for that week.

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